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Task Force on Elections

The Bipartisan Policy Center launched a new task force on improving the voting experience in February 2019. The Task Force is comprised of a geographically and politically diverse group of state and local election officials devoted to making meaningful improvements to United States elections. Members were selected for a variety of reasons to aid in this goal; among them are the partisan preferences of the jurisdictions they serve, the region of the country in which they live, and their perspective on election administration from either the state or local level.

The task force was based on the idea that the voice of the public servants who implement election laws—election officials—is often overlooked when state legislatures and Congress consider election reform. The loudest voices are often reform groups, which influence legislators with passionate and public appeals about the necessity of their favored reform to the health of American democracy.

BPC will promote these policy recommendations built with bipartisan support from state and local elections administrators to members of Congress, state and local policymakers, and election administrators nationally.

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Task Force Members

Natalie Adona
Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters, Nevada County, California
Jacqueline Beaudry
City Clerk, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Seth Bluestein
Philadelphia City Commissioner, Pennsylvania
Karen Brinson-Bell
Executive Director, North Carolina Board of Elections 
Maureen Bugdon
Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of Registration, Atlantic County, New Jersey
Bryan Caskey
Director of Elections, Kansas
Judd Choate
State Elections Director, Colorado
Thomas Connolly
Deputy Executive Director, New York State Board of Elections
Colleen Connor
State Elections Director, Arizona
Isaac Cramer
Executive Director, Charleston County Board of Elections, South Carolina
Mark Earley
Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida
Scott Erickson
County Clerk, Knox County, Illinois
Monica Holman Evans
Executive Director, DC Board of Elections
Jennifer Garms
County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections, Clayton County, Iowa
Tommy Gong
Chief Deputy County Clerk-Recorder, Contra Costa County, California
Jacquelynne Harris
Chief Deputy Registrar, Nelson County, Virginia
Ricky Hatch
Clerk Auditor, Weber County, Utah
Scott Jarrett
Elections Director, Maricopa County, Arizona
Sarah Ball Johnson
City Clerk, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Joseph Kirk
Election Supervisor, Bartow County, Georgia
Carly Koppes
Clerk and Recorder, Weld County, Colorado
Sara LaVere
Elections Director, Brunswick County Board of Elections, North Carolina
Julie Leathers Stahl
Director, Wayne County Board of Elections, Ohio
Debra Lee
County Clerk, Laramie County, Wyoming
Brianna Lennon
County Clerk, Boone County, Missouri
Nick Lima
Registrar and Director of Elections, City of Cranston, Rhode Island
Brian McKenzie
County Clerk, Davis County, Utah
Sherry Poland
Director of Elections, Hamilton County, Ohio
Justin Robuck
Ottawa County Clerk and Register of Deeds & Chair of the Michigan Council of Election Officials, Michigan
Joe Rozell
Director of Elections, Oakland County, Michigan
Deborah Scroggin
Elections and Special Projects Manager, City of Portland, Oregon
Tammy Smith
Administrator of Elections, Wilson County, Tennessee
Michelle Tassinari
Director and Legal Counsel, Elections Division, Office of the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth
Eneida Tavares
Chair of Boston Election Commission, Massachusetts
Mandy Vigil
Election Director, New Mexico
Meagan Wolfe
Administrator, Wisconsin Elections Commission


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