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Campus Free Expression

Universities are losing the argument over the value of free expression: too many believe that an inclusive campus culture can only come at the expense of viewpoint diversity and free expression. BPC’s Campus Free Expression Project, which believes a free and open society depends upon the free and open exchange of ideas, promotes campus policies and programs that foster a safe and welcoming environment for robust intellectual exchange.

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Now more than ever, university leaders are interested in best practices for developing climates that support respectful discussion among people with different points of view. This new initiative can make a big difference in the quality of dialogue on our campuses.

Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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Our Work

BPC’s Campus Free Expression Project convenes campus leaders with expertise in developing and implementing policies and programs that encourage the open, and respectful exchange of ideas. Colleges and universities have a special role in our democracy in preparing the next generation for thoughtful citizenship and leadership, introducing them to a wide range of issues, and teaching them the values of mutual respect and principled disagreement. But some colleges and universities have fallen short in this endeavor. BPC understands how hard the process can be to create an environment where individuals engage in constructive exchanges over polarizing issues. Each campus community is unique, and BPC’s Campus Free Expression Project works with college leaders, analyzing the range of campus policies, to develop specific solutions that support their core mission.