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The United States economy is a powerful engine of wealth and prosperity driven by free enterprise and innovation. Despite this, millions of hard-working Americans struggle to get ahead or save for the future, and the federal government’s poor fiscal health leaves us ill equipped to protect those left behind. BPC works to find solutions to these problems, from strengthening retirement security, to securing economic opportunities for the future, and dealing with our nation’s exploding debt. Our goal is to help policymakers remove obstacles to economic growth and improve shared prosperity for all.

About Us

The federal debt limit restricts the total amount of money the Treasury Department can legally borrow. In recent years, the debt limit has become a political flashpoint and the government has frequently been forced to rely on accounting maneuvers called “extraordinary measures” to meet its financial obligations. But those measures are limited and temporary. The date on which they are exhausted and the Treasury Department’s cash-on-hand runs out is called the “X Date.” BPC is the only group outside government that consistently projects when this “X Date” will arrive and the government will default on its obligations. This projection relies on publicly-available information and historic trends in government revenues and outlays.

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