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Our nation’s immigration system is broken. It’s complex, inflexible, and outdated. It doesn’t make us safer or enhance our economic growth. BPC’s immigration work focuses on practical legislative solutions that address the system as a whole, enhancing flexibility, promoting fairness, and aligning with America’s needs and values.

While it is up to Congress to lay out a process for reform, we believe the legislation must include provisions that secure the border, control the flow of unauthorized immigration, provide adequate legal avenues for future workers, maintain a tradition of family-based immigration, and afford a means for those currently undocumented immigrants to get right with the law and earn a legal status.

BPC's Immigration Task Force

About Us

BPC’s Immigration Project provides objective and fact-based analysis and reporting on the current state of U.S. immigration policy, including the economic, humanitarian, international, and security aspects of the issue. Through close examination and input from both sides of the aisle, and via our Immigration Task Force, the project develops evidence-based policy recommendations for future-looking fair, productive, and bipartisan reforms to the immigration system. Our work reaches diverse audiences, elevating the immigration debate from partisan talking points, and moving our country closer to a better functioning immigration system.

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