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It is critical to America’s future to understand and bolster the current state of our democracy, strengthen the capacity of its governing institutions, and build a Congress that is responsive to a diverse nation.  We examine trends and advance ideas for reform in areas from election administration, campaigning, and voting to the inner workings of our government.

About Us

These days, it’s almost a given that Congress is in a state of dysfunction, that lawmakers can’t seem to work together, and that politics outweighs getting things done for the American people. But it hasn’t always been this way, and it doesn’t have to be now, either. BPC’s Congress Project holds the legislative branch accountable by tracking the functioning of Congress  through the Healthy Congress Index and strives to build better relationships between lawmakers of different parties through the American Congressional Exchange. Our proposals for congressional reform are based on both data on how Congress operates and the experiences of current and former lawmakers.

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