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Michael Thorning

Director of Structural Democracy

Headshot of Michael Thorning

Michael Thorning is Director of Structural Democracy. At BPC, Thorning’s work has spanned democracy, governance, and elections, including creating the Healthy Congress Index, co-leading task forces on federal oversight, spearheading work to modernize Congress, and engaging the business community in elections issues. Prior to joining BPC, Thorning worked on Capitol Hill for Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, where he focused on campaign finance and election reform, Senate rules and congressional reform, and judiciary, civil rights, and civil liberties issues. While working for Bingaman, he also coordinated the senator’s social media outreach. In 2014, Thorning served as co-chair of the Senate GLASS Caucus, the association of LGBT Senate staff and allies. Thorning has been a fellow of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University and is a member of the guest faculty of the University of New Mexico. Thorning earned his B.A. in political science with honors from the University of New Mexico and served as a Fred R. Harris Congressional Intern.