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American Congressional Exchange

Regardless of the deep policy disagreements, our Congress must operate with mutual respect, decency, and civility – all of which are foundational to forging collaborative solutions. Our legislative process and political dialogue must speak to all of America.

While there are disparities and regional differences, there is more that we share as Americans than divides us. As elected officials, Members of Congress all have a responsibility to address challenges confronting their constituents and the nation, as well as strengthen the institution itself.

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How can we get to a place where Members of Congress are focused on working together based on a common set of facts, shared respect for one another, and an understanding of where the other person is coming from? How can we have a conversation about policy that doesn’t demonize the other person or their views? How can we channel the basic decency of the American people, and their elected officials, so it is reflected in our politics and governance?

American Congressional Exchange Program (ACE)

ACE is a systematic approach to building better relationships and bipartisanship in Congress but away from the crucible of Washington, D.C. Our experience bears out the importance of personal interaction outside of the negotiating rooms of the Capitol. ACE is focused on members of the U.S. House of Representatives and is built upon three precepts:

To develop trust, Members of Congress must listen to one another to understand what it is that motivates them and concerns them.

Once they listen to each other, they often learn they actually have more in common than meets the eye – and if they can see each other in that vein, impactful legislation can be achieved.

A shared experience based on close personal interaction can be what brings Members of Congress together to take action on behalf of the American people.

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