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Challenging Cancel Culture: Can Gen Z Change Course?

Bipartisan Policy Center and Online
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Constitution Day annually honors America’s founding principles of liberty, equality, and self-governance.

Our democracy depends on each generation developing the skills and habits for self-governance, including respectfully engaging contrary viewpoints.

Generation Z students report that the climate on their campus discourages honest, open conversation—as students fear a cancel culture supercharged by social media—even as most students say they want to hear from a wide range of views.

Join BPC on September 14 for our 5th Annual Constitution Day panel of student leaders who are challenging campus cancel culture and promoting an open exchange of ideas.

Featured Speakers


Rachel Lia | Student, University of Virginia School of Law

Amy Trask | Student, Santa Fe College

Justo A. Triana | Student, Syracuse University

Morgan Womack | Student, Michigan State University


Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill | Director, Campus Free Expression Project, BPC

BPC thanks the Jack Miller Center for its support of our Constitution Day programming.


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