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Can America’s Universities Survive the Cancel Wars? A Discussion with Author Sigal R. Ben-Porath

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In today’s charged political environment, fear of social and professional consequences for disagreeing openly with the dominant in-group orthodoxy keeps people from expressing their thoughts and debating ideas. This can be particularly damaging at a university, the very institution whose mission is to test ideas, even those considered taboo.

In Cancel Wars: How Universities Can Foster Free Speech, Promote Inclusion, and Renew Democracy, Professor Ben-Porath argues that this chilling of debate and inquiry is a symptom of the erosion of democratic norms.

Please join us for a discussion of Professor Ben-Porath’s book and the questions it raises about how universities may foster open inquiry, restore civic trust, and strengthen our pluralistic democracy.

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Featured Participants

Sigal R. Ben-Porath
Professor of Education, Philosophy, and Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Cullen
Professor of Philosophy, Rhodes College and Member, BPC Academic Leaders Task Force on Campus Free Expression

Moderated by:

Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill
Director, Campus Free Expression Project, BPC

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