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The Child Care Workforce: What We Know, Don’t Know, and Should Know

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Our nation’s child care workforce is the lynchpin for working parents with young children. Child care enables parents to get and stay employed. It spurs economic growth, and it encourages positive child development.

However, we lack consistent data on the workforce, how much experience, education, and training they have.

There are 45 states with workforce registries. These registries are a critical component of a good professional development system and are veritable goldmines of information and the hidden gem of the early childhood education community. But as we learned during the pandemic, they are a seldom tapped source of research.

Working in partnership with the National Workforce Registry Alliance (NWRA), BPC analyzed data from nearly all available states.

Join us for conversations on what we learned, how to expand the reach of registries, and hear directly from experts who have used the registries data to support improving policies.


Panel discussion with:

Kimberlee Belcher-Badal | Executive Director, The National Workforce Registry Alliance

Walter Gilliam | Executive Director, Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Kara Wente | Director, Ohio Department of Children & Youth

Linda K. Smith | Director, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC (Moderator)


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