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Teaming Up: Policies to Support the Integrated Care Workforce

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An extensive and growing body of evidence shows the benefits of delivering more mental health and substance use services through—and in collaboration with—primary care providers. Integrated primary care and behavioral health services are shown to increase patients’ access to services, improve health outcomes, and enhance cost-effectiveness of care.

But how do we ensure that the workforce is equipped to deliver integrated care services? What makes up a successful integrated care team? Recent policy changes have begun to tackle the issue, but more work is needed to continue to train, support, and finance the workforce needed to deliver integrated primary care and behavioral health services.

Join the Bipartisan Policy Center and the Commonwealth Fund as we discuss federal policy solutions to make better use of the existing integrated care workforce and expand opportunities to grow the supply.

Featured Participants:


Julia Harris | Associate Director, BPC


Dr. Brian Baucom | Co-Director, Behavioral Health Innovation and Dissemination Center, University of Utah

Dr. Atul Grover | Executive Director, AAMC Research and Action Institute

Dr. Andy Keller | President and CEO, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Melissa Merrick | Executive Vice President, Primary Care Services, Southcentral Foundation

Laura Lovett | Editor, Behavioral Health Business, Aging Media Network (moderator)


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