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Bipartisan Policy Discussion on Kinship Placements to Avoid Foster Care

This event has passed.

There is broad and bipartisan support for prioritizing placement with relatives and other kin when children must be separated from their parents and placed in foster care. This webinar delves into the differing opinions about appropriate policies and practices to guide situations when kin step up to care for children to prevent state custody.

An expert panel will discuss hot-button issues from varying perspectives, including recently enacted and proposed state legislation and federal guidance.


Introduction from:

Rob Geen | Fellow, BPC

Keynote remarks by:

Steve Christian | Consultant

Panel discussion with:

Aubrey Edwards-Luce, Esq., MSW | Executive Director, The Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts

Victoria Gray | CEO and Executive Director, GreyNickel Inc.

Dr. Valerie D. Jackson | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Monarch Family Services

Janet Kelly | Consultant, Perago Partners and Former Special Advisor for Children and Families to Gov. Youngkin

Mary Bissell | Partner, ChildFocus (Moderator)

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