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Bipartisan Policy Center Launches Child Welfare Initiative

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For four decades, policymaking on child welfare—including adoption, foster care, and child neglect and abuse—has been strongly bipartisan. In recent years, however, that bipartisan consensus has come under strain from sharp ideological divides and competing visions of reform.

To address this and put child safety and family health at the center of policymaking, BPC is launching the Child Welfare Initiative (CWI). This effort seeks to renew bipartisanship in the child welfare field and facilitate the development of effective, bipartisan federal and state policies.

To launch the initiative, BPC is convening experts and practitioners from across the political spectrum to discuss the state of the field, share policy examples, and identify areas of bipartisan agreement. Additionally, new findings from a nationally representative public opinion poll will be presented. Our exclusive Harris Poll assesses what the public believes to be the primary drivers of child neglect and abuse and the appropriate role of government in intervening.

Please join us as BPC launches our Child Welfare Initiative.

Featured Participants

Hope Cooper | Fellow, BPC

Janet Kelly Special Advisor to Governor Youngkin and Founder of Virginia’s Kids Belong

Dr. Jeremy Kohomban | President and CEO, The Children’s Village

Jedd Medefind | President, The Christian Alliance for Orphans

Rebecca Purser Research Manager, The Harris Poll

Rob Geen | Fellow, BPC (moderator)

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