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2013 Annual Report

A healthy, civil debate among those with differing viewpoints is the engine of our democracy. In the face of growing polarization, BPC remains steadfast in its mission to demonstrate the possibility and power of bipartisan solutions.

In 2013, BPC again proved what can be accomplished when diverse interests are joined together in rigorous analysis and reasoned debate. BPC policy recommendations on health, energy, foreign policy, homeland security, the economy, housing, immigration, and governance are shaping, and in many cases, leading the national debate. BPC forums and workshops continue to provide unique opportunities to air differing views, advance substantive arguments, and build constructive relationships among disparate interests.

“BPC exists to advance the debate by digging deeper and pressing further and faster than is often possible inside government. We then provide space for policymakers to engage in ideas that stray from single-party orthodoxy. Our efforts demonstrate what can be accomplished when experts and passionate advocates are brought together in an environment that enables constructive deliberation.” 

– BPC President Jason Grumet

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