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2009 Annual Report

In 2007, former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole and George Mitchell founded the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a non-profit organization that develops and promotes solutions that draw support from both Republicans and Democrats and generates the necessary political momentum to achieve real progress. As the only Washington-based organization promoting bipartisanship as an effective means of overcoming the challenges facing the nation, BPC is working to restore civility and respectful discourse to the national debate.

BPC currently has projects focused on health care, energy, national and homeland security, economic policy, and transportation. Each of these initiatives is headed by a diverse team of political and business leaders, substantive experts and academics who work closely with our staff of policy specialists and former congressional and White House aides to develop consensus-based solutions that both Republicans and Democrats can support. The Bipartisan Policy Center Action Network, BPC’s c(4) organization, provides strategic advice and political advocacy to ensure our projects’ policy recommendations have traction in Congress, the executive branch and the stakeholder community.

We believe it’s time to revive the nation’s longstanding bipartisan tradition?a tradition that in the last century produced significant achievements in energy and environmental policy, Social Security reform, and national security. Through events like Bridge-Builder Breakfasts, political summits and timely policy discussions, BPC provides a forum to highlight policymakers and political leaders who are working collaboratively to forge bipartisan consensus on the key issues of the day.

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