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The New Middle on Immigration

Bipartisan action on immigration is possible, as the recent border security agreement showed.

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But Congress’ work is far from over. The immigration system is still broken. It’s complex, unfair, outdated, and inflexible

The American people have a real and urgent desire for the federal government to fix this problem now.* They want an enforced, fair, consistent process that addresses these larger systemic issues. That can only be achieved through bipartisan cooperation and compromise.

Current laws aren’t respecting either the integrity of the immigration system or the dignity of the people in it. It’s time to change that.

The cycle of executive policymaking results in a broken immigration system that doesn’t work for anyone. Congress can fix our immigration system and provide border security through legislative action. Here’s where to start:

The American people want action. We call on Congress and President Trump to…

  • Fix the broken immigration system.
  • Fix it now.
  • Use the best ideas from both parties to ensure a lasting resolution that represents all Americans.

* The Bipartisan Policy Center and BPC Action conducted focus groups and a national survey aimed at finding out what Americans think about the immigration system and what they want to see done to fix it. Americans believe immigration helps the United States and that we should embrace our tradition as a nation of immigrants. They want the federal government to tackle immigration reform. It just needs to be the right kind of reform—focused on building a controlled system that prioritizes immigrants who are hard-working, law-abiding, and actively integrating into American society.