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Will Medicare Run Out of Money?

This event has passed.

Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, also known as Medicare Part A, is projected to run out of reserves in just five years. Meanwhile, there are clear opportunities to make all parts of the Medicare program operate more efficiently and effectively. Yet, despite repeated warnings from policy experts, the Medicare Trustees, and others, these problems remain unsolved.

Join the Bipartisan Policy Center, the American Enterprise Institute, and the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy for a panel discussion with congressional staff and experts to examine policy options that can avert the worst outcomes and place the Medicare program on a better track. BPC will release a report on this issue in the coming weeks.

BPC is grateful to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for generously supporting this event.

Featured Participants:

Shawn Bishop
Chief Health Advisor, Senate Finance Committee, Majority Staff

Kathleen A. Buto
Principal, Kathleen Buto Consultants; Former Commissioner, MedPAC

James C. Capretta
Resident Fellow, Milton Friedman Chair, American Enterprise Institute

Matthew Fiedler
Fellow, Economic Studies, USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiatve for Health Policy, Brookings Institution

Amy Hall
Staff Director for Subcommittee on Health, House Ways & Means Committee, Majority Staff

Mark Miller
Executive Vice President of Health Care, Arnold Ventures; Former Executive Director, MedPAC

Stephanie Parks
Staff Director for Committee on Health, House Ways & Means Committee, Minority Staff

Moderated by:

Dan Diamond
National Health Reporter, The Washington Post

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