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Small Business Lending After SVB: Banks, Nonbanks, and Private Credit

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The Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank failures, alongside continuing market turmoil for small and mid-sized banks, have raised questions about the effects on credit availability for small businesses. In just the last two months, commercial lending from these banks has fallen by tens of billions of dollars and there are reports from around the country about tightening credit standards for small businesses.

Renewed attention in Washington could signal additional regulation on the banking industry, but banks are only half of the story when it comes to small business credit needs. Over the last several years, private credit has grown enormously in helping finance small business expansion.

Join BPC for a discussion of the role of private credit in supporting small businesses, what recent banking turmoil tells us about the right regulatory balance, and what policymakers should be keeping in mind as they consider action.


Panel discussion with:

Jamal Hagler | VP of Research, American Investment Council

Stephen Miller | Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center

Kevin Brady | Co-Founder, Newbury Franklin

Dane Stangler | Director of Strategic Initiatives, BPC (Moderator)

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