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Defining AI Impact Assessments; Industry Perspectives

This event has passed.

As governments continue to develop frameworks for managing the applications of artificial intelligence, we look at how the private sector is defining both the need and scope of impact assessments. This event will focus on defining AI Impact Assessments and if they are a needed remedy to mitigate risks. For this event, part of our ongoing series on AI Impact Assessments, we will also discuss how various policy frameworks overlap and how to clarify standards as AI continues to grow in use.

Featured Participants

Panel discussion with:

Will Carter
Global Policy Lead for Responsible AI, AI Governance and Regulation at Google

Michael Hind
Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI

Christian Troncoso
Senior Director, Policy, BSA | The Software Alliance

Diya Wynn
Senior Practice Manager in Emerging Technologies & Intelligent Platforms, Amazon Web Services

Moderated by:

Tom Romanoff
Director of Technology Project, BPC

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