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Creative Industries and the Emergence of Generative AI

This event has passed.

Join the Bipartisan Policy Center as we explore the intersection of the creative industries with the rapidly evolving world of generative artificial intelligence (AI). As AI continues to shape the future of art, music, design, and entertainment, it’s crucial to understand its implications, challenges, and opportunities. We will dive into intellectual property, copyright issues, and questions on how AI impacts these issues.


Introduction by:

Angela Luna | Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center

Panel discussion with:

Lee Tiedrich | Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Ethical Technology, Duke Initiative for Science & Society

Tim Friedlander | President/Founder, National Association of Voice Actors

Umair Kazi | Director of Policy and Advocacy, The Authors Guild

Sabine Neschke | Policy Analyst, Bipartisan Policy Center (Moderator)

Additional participants to be announced.


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