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Building Faster to Achieve Net-Zero

This event has passed.

Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 requires building clean infrastructure at a significantly faster pace than we are currently able to site, permit, and approve infrastructure projects. Absent dramatic improvement, important projects and new technologies will sit on the sidelines and achieving net-zero by 2050 will be impossible. The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Smarter, Cleaner, Faster Infrastructure Task Force released 23 federal policy recommendations to accelerate the deployment of clean infrastructure. Join us for a virtual discussion in this second of a joint event series with Aspen Institute’s Energy & Environment Program on building faster to decarbonize our economy.

Featured Participants:

Panel 1:

Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL)
United States House of Representatives

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND)
United States House of Representatives

Panel 2:

Alex Glenn
Senior Vice President and CEO, Duke Energy Florida and Midwest

JC Sandberg
Chief Advocacy Officer, American Clean Power Association

Moderated by:

Bobby Jindal
Former Governor of Louisiana

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Additional participants to be announced

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