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Building Bipartisan Support for Child Care: A Toolkit

September 2019

A growing body of research shows that Americans recognize early childhood development as critical to the well-being of the nation. Across the country, states in all shades of red, blue, and purple are stepping up to develop policies and invest in working families and young children.

When leaders come together across the aisle, they can sign into law well-designed, meaningful, and sustainable changes that have real impacts on children and their families. To do this, leaders must recognize that although there is widespread agreement on the importance of high-quality early childhood experiences, there will be different opinions about how to solve pressing issues. Coming to the table ready and willing to discuss these differences is the key to transformative change.

The goal of this toolkit is to offer a wide array of resources to help you build bipartisan relationships and solutions to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to a quality educational foundation that will prepare them to grow, learn, and succeed.

Read our issue briefs below:

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Issue Briefs:

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