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On both ends of the education spectrum, Americans are getting squeezed, whether from the challenge of finding quality, affordable child care or managing the burden of student debt from higher education. BPC believes that every child deserves a quality foundation that will prepare them to grow, learn, and succeed, and every American deserves access to a higher education system that provides multiple pathways towards affordable and high-quality credentials.

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Children’s experiences in their first five years have a profound impact on their long-term outcomes. Early care and education programs, including child care, play a key role in ensuring that every child in has the opportunity to build a quality foundation that will prepare them to learn, grow, and succeed. Child care also supports families and strengthens communities by allowing parents to participate in the labor force. However, millions of American families struggle to find quality, affordable child care in a safe, well-designed facility. BPC believes that everyone – from parents and providers to business and faith leaders – has a role in creating an early childhood system that works for all children and families.

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