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Tenth Democratic Debate: What We’re Watching For

The Brief

The Democratic presidential candidates are headed back to the debate stage less than a week after their last debate. The latest debate comes ahead of this weekend’s South Carolina primary and next week’s Super Tuesday contests. Here are the issues we’ll be watching for.

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The spread of coronavirus continues to be a worldwide concern, with large numbers of cases being reported outside China. Governments around the world are working nonstop to control the epidemic and prevent its further spread within their own borders.

BPC Chief Medical Advisor Anand Parekh joined a recent episode of This Week in Immigration to discuss what we know about the virus and how the U.S. government is aiming to protect American citizens at home and abroad.

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The Trump administration began with hopes of a bipartisan deal on infrastructure investment. While that agreement hasn’t yet materialized, the growing gap between what America spends on infrastructure and what’s required to keep infrastructure modern and reliable remains.

A recent BPC report called for a final increase in the federal gas tax to shore up the highway trust fund in the short term while transitioning to a vehicle miles traveled standard in the future to reflect the changing makeup of America’s passenger car fleet and ever-improving fuel economy.

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