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Event Recap- Government Perspectives on AI Impact Assessments

Government Perspectives on AI Impact Assessment  

In our second event on AI Impact Assessments, we heard from two former US CTOs about how the US government is responding to advances in AI and the need to understand its impact. We also heard from organizations that work with government agencies to develop AI and research the latest technology.

A complete recording of the event is available here.


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What an AI Impact Assessment is

“We need a mechanism of accountability and ensuring that systems operate as intended. The idea behind an impact assessment is to hardwire how algorithms operate... I would emphasize where the government is an operator, it is probably a higher bar, and we must meet that."
Aneesh Chopra

U.S. Leadership on AI

At the end of the day, having folks able to spend time in government to make an impact is invaluable. There should be a greater emphasis on creating new pathways for technologists to enter government. There’s lots of opportunities to try to bring talented folks into the government and these are folks that can provide new fresh views on how to integrate these technologies.
Michael Kratsios

Avoiding AI bias

"AI itself, the algorithms are not biased-- they're just algorithms. It's how they're used, how they're employed, and maybe the data that goes into them. I want to make sure that the listeners out there know that it's not the technology, it's really the use of technology and how it's being deployed in different applications.”
Matt Gaston

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