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Ep. 9: AI and Cybersecurity

Tech On The Hill: Episode 9

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In this episode, host Tom Romanoff welcomes Wayne Dennis, the first cybersecurity fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center. Dennis explores the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on cybersecurity, emphasizing its role in automating security processes like identity verification and threat mitigation. He discusses how AI enhances defensive capabilities but also poses risks, such as enabling attackers to create more effective malware.

The conversation delves into AI’s potential to detect new cybersecurity threats, especially those from nation-states targeting critical sectors like healthcare. Dennis suggests that while AI can boost cybersecurity efficiency, it won’t replace human workers soon. Instead, it should be seen as a workforce augmentation tool, addressing labor shortages in cybersecurity.

Moreover, the discussion touches on AI’s broader implications for small businesses and consumers who may be unprepared for sophisticated AI-driven attacks. Dennis advocates for increased attention and resources to protect these vulnerable groups from rising threats like ransomware and phishing attacks powered by AI.