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The road to retirement is complex, and many Americans are anxious about their financial future. The challenges are difficult, but we can overcome them, ensuring a better retirement for all. That’s why the Bipartisan Policy Center launched the Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings in 2014. Over the last two years, our 19-member Commission has carefully reviewed the issue and deliberated upon many potential approaches to boost savings and strengthen retirement security.

Take a look and get to know what we’re up against and how we can meet the challenges.

Challenge: No Workplace Retirement Savings Plan


  • Establish Retirement Security Plans to help smaller businesses offer a savings plan for retirement.
  • Establish a nationwide minimum coverage standard to expand access to workplace retirement savings.

Challenge: Leakage from Retirement Accounts


  • Simplify the process to move assets from plan to plan.
  • Facilitate short-term savings by clearing barriers to auto-enrollment in multiple savings account.

Challenge: Outliving Savings


  • Encourage plan sponsors to integrate easy-to-use, sophisticated lifetime-income features. 

Challenge: Underutilizing Home Equity


  • End subsidies that encourage the use of home equity for pre-retirement consumption.
  • Strengthen programs that advise and support consumers on reverse mortgages.

Challenge: Limited Knowledge of Personal Finance


  • Improve personal financial education in K-12 and higher-ed curricula.
  • Better communicate the advantages of claiming social security benefits later.

Challenge: Social Security is at a crossroads


  • Ensure program solvency for 75 years and beyond.
  • Protect beneficiaries from abrupt changes.