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Improving U.S. Insurance Regulation

Finance / Research April 19, 2017

There has been too little analysis and policy discussion of insurance regulatory reforms at the state, national, and global levels from the perspective of their impact.

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Principles for a New U.S. Strategy in the Middle East

National Security / Research April 13, 2017

Pointing to historical patterns of U.S. foreign policy is insufficient to guide future strategy or to justify new expenditures of blood and treasure.

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The Power of Innovation

Energy / Research April 5, 2017

Access to reliable, affordable energy has such a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives as to nearly defy calculation.

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A State Policymaker’s Guide to Power Sector Modeling

Energy / Research April 3, 2017

Technological advances have driven down the price of natural gas and renewable energy technologies and the future of the nation’s aging nuclear fleet is still in flux.

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Building a F.A.S.T. Force

Economy / Research March 20, 2017

It is long past time for lawmakers and Pentagon leaders to fundamentally reform the personnel systems that manage America’s uniformed service members.

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Deep State of Crisis

National Security / Research March 17, 2017

Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt offered an indication that perhaps Erdoğan’s position was not as secure as it first seemed, and his fears not unfounded.

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Debt Limit Analysis

Shai Akabas, Timothy Shaw / Research March 15, 2017

If policymakers do not act on the debt limit, BPC estimates that Treasury will have insufficient cash to meet all financial obligations sometime between Nov. 10-16.

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America's Student Debt Explosion

Economy / Research March 14, 2017

The federal loan system is increasingly strained, evidenced by swelling debt burdens and low repayment rates.

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Higher Education Trends

Economy / Research March 14, 2017

Pursuing a post-secondary education poses a poor value proposition for millions of young Americans.

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Health, Health Care, and a High-Performance Force

Economy / Research March 9, 2017

Systems and policies to promote the health of service members, therefore, are key national security functions as well as central personnel matters.

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