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How Do Immigrants and the Immigration Enforcement System Interact with Local Law Enforcement?

Cristobal Ramón / Research February 23, 2018

The operation of local law enforcement agencies and their work with immigration enforcement agencies is more complex and nuanced than is often reported in the public debate.

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Power System Resilience: A Primer

Blair Beasley / Research February 20, 2018

This primer seeks to provide a high-level introduction to the concept of power sector resilience—highlighting what research has been done on the topic as well as key areas where more work is needed.

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Budgeting for Medical Countermeasures

National Security / Research February 13, 2018

Preparedness against a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) threat requires a sustained and multi-pronged approach by both the public and private sectors.

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A Policy Roadmap for Individuals with Complex Care Needs

Health / Research January 31, 2018

Since 2013, BPC and others have been working to develop policy solutions focused on how to finance and deliver quality care to individuals with complex care needs. This report draws from our extensive work to identify a clear roadmap of policy solutions that can improve care for these individuals.

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The State of Campaign Finance in the U.S.

Governance / Research January 19, 2018

The U.S. campaign finance system has undergone fundamental changes in the last 15 years. Relying on new research from several of the nation’s foremost experts, this report examines the legal, political, and technological shifts that have combined to shape the current campaign finance regime.

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Reinventing Rural Health Care: A Case Study of Seven Upper Midwest States

Health / Research January 17, 2018

This paper details the findings from BPC’s outreach efforts in 2017 during which we spoke with over 90 national thought leaders, health care providers and other key stakeholders about the current state of rural health care in the Upper Midwest.

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Main Street Finance: How Can the Financial System Better Serve Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses?

Finance / Research December 14, 2017

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs face challenges accessing affordable financing. This paper from BPC’s Task Force on Main Street Finance explores these challenges, highlights recent trends in small-business financing, and presents issues for further exploration.

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Is America Under-Investing in its Young Children?

Education / Research December 7, 2017

In the ongoing debate over how to best allocate scarce federal resources, it is important to assess the state of public investment in young children and to ask whether current investments reflect the critical importance of the early childhood years.

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Digitizing the Grid: Next Steps on Policy

Energy / Research December 5, 2017

The Bipartisan Policy Center launched the Digitizing the Power Sector initiative to better understand the challenges and opportunities of digitization as applied to one of our nation’s most complex and vital infrastructure systems: the electricity grid.

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Building the Case: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Health

Housing / Research November 29, 2017

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit has helped to finance roughly 3 million affordable rental units, which have served approximately 7 million low-income households.

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