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What’s Next for Turkey: Authoritarian Stability or Chaos?

National Security / Research May 15, 2017

Amid mounting instability and economic uncertainty, Erdoğan has preserved the support of his base and even secured a slight increase in support from both Kurds and Turkish nationalists.

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Understanding America’s Water and Wastewater Challenges

Infrastructure / Research May 15, 2017

Water and wastewater systems across the country require critical repairs and upgrades. This paper reviews several types of water infrastructure along with some unique challenges and opportunities in addressing their affordability, funding, and financing.

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Congress and Evidence-Based Policymaking

Economy / Research May 8, 2017

Evidence-based policymaking uses findings from rigorous research and program evaluations to guide decisions about public policy and funding. The Congressional Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking appointed by President Obama and the bipartisan leadership of Congress is scheduled to report its recommendations by September of 2017.

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Reforming the Taxation of Pass-Through Businesses

Economy / Research April 28, 2017

The Trump administration and Congress are actively developing tax reform legislative proposals. One key issue policymakers will address is how to reform the tax treatment of pass-through businesses.

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Considerations for the FDA's User Fee Reauthorization Bill

Health / Research April 26, 2017

Timely completion and passage of FDA user fee reauthorization legislation is a crucial next step toward helping Americans in need.

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Improving Care for High-Need, High-Cost Medicare Patients

Health / Research April 25, 2017

BPC outlines the barriers to the integration of clinical health and social services, and issues recommendations to eliminate those barriers for the Medicare-only population.

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Improving U.S. Insurance Regulation

Finance / Research April 19, 2017

There has been too little analysis and policy discussion of insurance regulatory reforms at the state, national, and global levels from the perspective of their impact.

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Principles for a New U.S. Strategy in the Middle East

National Security / Research April 13, 2017

Pointing to historical patterns of U.S. foreign policy is insufficient to guide future strategy or to justify new expenditures of blood and treasure.

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The Power of Innovation

Energy / Research April 5, 2017

Access to reliable, affordable energy has such a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives as to nearly defy calculation.

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