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Evidence Works: Cases Where Evidence Meaningfully Informed Policy

Nick Hart, Meron Yohannes / Research June 11, 2019

Policymakers and elected officials should implement evidence in their policymaking to be better informed and be more successful in their work.

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House Rules Data

Donald R. Wolfensberger / Research May 23, 2019

Rules data on the 112th, 113th, 114th, and 115th Congresses, compiled by BPC resident scholar Donald Wolfensberger.

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From the Ground Up: Improving Child Care and Early Learning Facilities

Education / Research May 22, 2019

This catalog provides examples of federal-, state-, and local-level models addressing child care facility-related challenges.

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Tracking Federal Funding to Combat the Opioid Crisis

Health / Research March 26, 2019

BPC conducted an analysis of federal appropriations and identified 57 federal programs that, either entirely or significantly, fund efforts to curb the opioid epidemic.

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Social Security & Medicare Explained: Top 10 Questions & Answers

Economy / Research January 22, 2019

This chartbook explains what you need to know about the status of Social Security and Medicare – who the programs cover, how they are funded, and what their financial outlook is – in 10 questions and answers.

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Early Head Start–Child Care Partnerships: Spotlighting Early Successes Across America

Education / Research January 16, 2019

This report highlights the inner workings of 12 EHS-CCP programs, draws lessons learned, and makes recommendations for improving the program moving forward.

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Creating an Integrated Efficient Early Care and Education System to Support Children and Families: A State-by-State Analysis

Education / Research December 13, 2018

A state-by-state analysis to explore whether states, like the federal government, are making progress toward improved integration and governance in ECE programs.

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The New Middle on Immigration: The View from Texas

Immigration / Research October 5, 2018

Partnering with the SMU’s Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center, we looked specifically at Texans’ views on the U.S. immigration system.

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Explaining Direct Air Capture

Energy / Research September 12, 2018

There is a growing global appetite for clean technologies and products with reduced emissions, which present market opportunities where American businesses can get ahead.

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Tracking Power Sector Changes in the Years Since the Clean Power Plan

Energy / Research August 6, 2018

In the intervening years between these two rule making efforts for the Clean Power Plan by Obama and Trump administrations, the power sector has evolved markedly.

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