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Improving Care and Lowering Costs for Chronic Care Beneficiaries: Implementing the Bipartisan Budget Act

Health / Research August 20, 2018

This issue brief explores the key decisions CMS, health plans, and states, will make in determining how to implement the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018.

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Deficit Tracker

Economy / Research August 8, 2018

BPC’s economic policy team analyzes the government’s running budget deficit on a monthly basis, using data from the Congressional Budget Office’s Monthly Budget Review.

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Tracking Power Sector Changes in the Years Since the Clean Power Plan

Energy / Research August 6, 2018

In the intervening years between these two rule making efforts for the Clean Power Plan by Obama and Trump administrations, the power sector has evolved markedly.

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Main Street Matters: Ideas for Improving Small Business Financing

Economy / Research August 1, 2018

Recommendations from BPC’s Task Force on Main Street Finance on ways to make the financial system work better for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the U.S. economy.

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Water Affordability: The Federal State of Play

Infrastructure / Research July 25, 2018

This brief explores three policy levers the federal government has to address water affordability and the particular challenges they face in gaining bipartisan support.

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Evidence-Based Policymaking Primer

Evidence / Research July 24, 2018

In our personal lives, data can be compiled to provide valuable information that we rely on to make decisions.

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Rural Aging: Health and Community Policy Implications for Reversing Social Isolation

Bill Frist, Anand Parekh, MD / Research July 20, 2018

BPC hosted a roundtable to advance the national conversation on reversing social isolation among rural seniors.

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Transparency, Accountability, and Consent in Evidence Building

Evidence / Research July 20, 2018

A firm understanding is needed about what consent means, how the concept is applied in conjunction with transparent notification processes, and how other accountability mechanisms are relevant.

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Survey Results: The New Middle on Immigration

Immigration / Research July 17, 2018

The American people have an urgent desire for the federal government to develop an enforced, fair, and consistent process that addresses systemic issues.

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An Overview of Tax Expenditures

Evidence / Research July 10, 2018

Tax expenditures affect almost every segment of the economy by changing the financial incentives for individuals, families, and businesses.

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