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U.S.-Turkish Cooperation Toward a Post-Assad Syria

U.S. influence inside Syria is currently limited. Thus, any assistance in the formation of a stable and decent post-Assad Syria will require the cooperation of other countries. Turkey—a U.S. ally with keen interests in Syria—can obviously be an important partner. Ankara’s interests, however, do not perfectly match Washington’s, posing the challenge for policymakers of finding the right tools to align more closely the two countries’ visions of Syria’s future.

This paper (the first by a BPC task force focused on U.S.-Turkey relations) lays out the reasons why—putting aside U.S. policy toward the ongoing civil war for the moment—American leaders would serve U.S. interests best by beginning, if they have not yet done so, a serious effort to coordinate with Turkey planning for a government to replace Assad.

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Read the press release here.

2013-05-02 00:00:00

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