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Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development

A Task Force sponsored by NSP released a report identifying the regional and global threats posed by a nuclear weapons-capable Iran and recommended a new, robust and comprehensive strategy designed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability.

The report is the product of a high-level bipartisan Task Force led by former Senators Daniel Coats and Charles Robb. The report offers a blueprint for establishing an effective U.S. strategy toward Iran’s nuclear development and also offers a comprehensive source of information for policymakers, the public and the next President.

The Task Force believes the current U.S. policy is failing and it presents a new approach “incorporating new diplomatic, economic and military tools in an integrated fashion” that can deter Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons-capability.

Meeting the Challenge Task Force

Ambassador Daniel Coats, co-chair, Senior Counsel, King & Spalding; Former U.S.

Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany; Former U.S. Senator, IN

Senator Charles Robb, co-chair, Former U.S. Senator, VA; Former Governor, VA

Dr. Ashton Carter, Professor, Harvard University; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy

Admiral (ret.) Gregory Johnson, Senior Military Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center; Former Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe and Joint Force Command

General (ret.) Ronald Keys, Senior Military Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center; Former Commander, Air Combat Command

Dr. Edward Morse, Managing Director and Chief Energy Economist, Lehman Brothers

Mr. Steve Rademaker, Senior Counsel, BGR Holding, LLC; Former Assistant Secretary of State

Ambassador Dennis Ross, Ziegler Distinguished Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy; Former Special Middle East Coordinator

Mr. Henry Sokolski, Executive Director, Nonproliferation Policy Education Center; Former Deputy for Nonproliferation Policy, Dept. of Defense

General (ret.) Chuck Wald, Vice President – International, L-3 Communications; Former Deputy Commander, U.S. European Command

Dr. Kenneth Weinstein, CEO, Hudson Institute

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A report of an independent task force sponsored by the Bipartisan Policy Center
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