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Meeting the Challenge: Time Is Running Out

A year ago, Senators Daniel Coats and Charles Robb and Gen. (ret.) Charles Wald participated in the Bipartisan Policy Center’s task force on U.S. policy towards Iranian nuclear ambitions, reaching consensus outlined in the report, Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development, on a robust yet realistic and comprehensive policy toward Iranian nuclear development.​

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s development of nuclear weapons remains one of the most pressing challenges to U.S. and international security. As the world waits for Iran to emerge from its post-election political turmoil, the Islamic Republic rapidly advances its uranium enrichment while Israel speaks ever more bluntly of a military strike. In light of the political, technological, diplomatic and military developments that have changed the policy landscape over the past year, the three authors came together once more to offer updated policy recommendations for addressing this lasting challenge. This update to the original report presents an analysis of the most significant recent developments and bipartisan recommendations for a way forward. We hope that this bipartisan report will spark discussion among policymakers, and guide the Obama Administration in meeting the challenge of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran as time continues to run out. Watch video from the report release here.

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