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Investing in the Revolution: Economics and the Prospects for Democracy in Egypt

“The pace and intensity of world events in 2011 have been unrelenting. The spread of political unrest across the Middle East, global financial crises, conflicts and natural disasters have all competed for the attention of policymakers. Achieving the perspective to recognize pivotal moments and seize transformative opportunities can be difficult in the midst of such upheaval. We have joined together to issue these papers to call attention to precisely such an opportunity: the ongoing revolution in Egypt.

“The public uprisings that brought Hosni Mubarak’s reign to an end could have a greater impact on the political landscape of the Middle East than any other protest in the region to date. What is not yet clear is the nature of the change they will spark. Egypt’s revolution is as yet unfinished; it could still lead towards a pluralist and tolerant democracy but, as of this writing, renewed military rule, an Islamist state or rising chaos all seem more likely. If any of these scenarios were to materialize, the implications for Egyptians, the region and U.S. security could be significant.”

2011-10-18 00:00:00

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