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Task Force Releases Framework for Clean Infrastructure Investments

Washington, DC – Today, the Smarter, Cleaner, Faster Infrastructure Task Force is releasing principles to bridge the political divide and provide a framework for Congress as they draft clean infrastructure legislation.

The Smarter, Cleaner, Faster Infrastructure Task Force releases the following statement:

“We were encouraged that President Biden’s American Jobs Plan included many provisions that have traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support including transportation and water infrastructure, energy infrastructure, and broadband. By working with the bipartisan efforts underway in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the House and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the administration has the opportunity to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure and our democracy by engaging the best ideas of both parties in creating a modern, clean, and dynamic economy.

“We are particularly pleased to see the administration’s focus on expediting federal project approvals.¹ Increased availability of federal resources will fall short of achieving our economic and environmental goals unless we simultaneously modernize our permitting processes. The principles we are releasing today offer a bipartisan framework for investing in clean infrastructure that match the urgency of the challenge. We look forward to working with Congress to advance bipartisan legislation that will address climate change, create jobs, grow our economy, and put our country on the path to be a global leader in the clean energy economy.”

The Smarter, Cleaner, Faster Infrastructure Task Force launched in February with the goal of accelerating the build-out of clean infrastructure.

¹The American Jobs Plan states “…the President’s plan will use smart, coordinated infrastructure permitting to expedite federal decisions while prioritizing stakeholder engagement, community consultation, and maximizing equity, health, and environmental benefits.”