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Jason Grumet, National Public Policy Expert and Thought Leader, Announces Departure

Washington, DC – Today, the Bipartisan Policy Center announces its founder, president, and CEO Jason Grumet will leave the organization in late January 2023 to take on a new leadership role as CEO of the American Clean Power Association.  

Grumet’s new role builds on the origins of his work at BPC. BPC grew out of the National Commission on Energy Policy, an organization Grumet founded in 2002 which saw many of its policy recommendations adopted in the 2005 and 2007 Energy Acts. The American Clean Power Association represents the key industries leading our nation’s transition to a low carbon economy.  

“The Bipartisan Policy Center has been a complete expression of my deepest beliefs and commitments,” said Grumet. “The trust, hard work, and courage we desire in national decision makers all have a home at BPC. For over 15 years, I have enjoyed good arguments and collaborative problem solving with an exceptional group of colleagues. We have shared the exhilaration of great success and woe of occasional failure while building a dynamic and powerful organization. It has been the time of my life.”   

 “When Senators Baker, Dole, Mitchell, and I joined with Jason in 2007 to start BPC we could have never imagined the organization we have today,” said BPC Co-Founder and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. “BPC reflects Jason’s endless passion for public policy as well as the tenacity and curiosity required to forge creative solutions. I cannot overstate my pride in BPC’s accomplishments. Jason is a unique leader who has assembled the most politically diverse and expert team in Washington, DC. We will miss him greatly, but Jason is leaving an organization that is more than ready to meet any challenge.” 

“In addition to Jason’s external abilities, he has built a happy organization that embraces diverse viewpoints, prizes open debate, and inspires collaboration and pride in our mission,” said Interim CEO Kelly Darnell. “This foundation of camaraderie and trust is an essential part of BPC’s success. About one thing I am certain, Jason will miss us.”  

“From its inception in 2007, Jason’s leadership brought together the creative talent to forge meaningful coalitions and look for ways to make a very real difference,” said outgoing BPC Board Chair Robbie Bach. “From health care and energy policies to immigration, housing, infrastructure, and technology, it’s hard to find a major piece of legislation in the last 15 years without seeing the imprint of BPC’s work. This is a credit to Jason’s drive and perseverance. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we congratulate Jason and have no doubt he will continue to achieve that same excellence in his new position. It has been more than 15 years of a job very well done. We wish him the very best as he takes on a new chapter in his life.” 

Only bipartisanship moves America forward. It is the only way to make lasting and meaningful change. The next two years, including a divided government in January, are new opportunities for BPC to encourage fierce debate while looking for common ground to improve the lives of all Americans. Thanks to Grumet’s great leadership, BPC is uniquely positioned to continue our role as the organization where democracy gets to work. 

The Board of Directors is heading up the search for the next CEO. During the transition, current COO Kelly Darnell will serve as Interim CEO. Grumet will remain on BPC’s Board of Directors. 

Note: BPC’s Jason Grumet, Kelly Darnell, Steve Scully and former Sens. Tom Daschle and Olympia Snowe are available for comment.  

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