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Jason Fichtner Joins the Bipartisan Policy Center as Vice President and Chief Economist

Washington, DC – The Bipartisan Policy Center is pleased to announce that Jason Fichtner, Ph.D., will join BPC as vice president and chief economist.

Fichtner has extensive public policy experience, having served in several positions at the Social Security Administration during the George W. Bush administration, including as deputy commissioner of Social Security, chief economist, and associate commissioner for retirement policy. Jason also worked as an economist with the IRS, Joint Economic Committee, and Mercatus Center, and has been a fellow with BPC for the past three years.

“As an expert in public finance, retirement security, and tax policy, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to BPC on a wide range of economic issues that drive today’s policy debates,” said BPC President Jason Grumet.

“Jason’s extensive experience working on economic and general public policy makes him an ideal person to be BPC’s first chief economist,” said Bill Hoagland, BPC’s senior vice president. “His new role elevates our capacity to advance leading analytical economic policy research.”

Fichtner is also a senior fellow with the Alliance for Lifetime Income and Retirement Income Institute and a research fellow with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Financial Security. He also serves on the board of directors of the National Academy of Social Insurance as treasurer, the editorial advisory board of the Retirement Management Journal, and as a reviewer for the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance.

“I’m thrilled to take on this new position at the Bipartisan Policy Center, working with an amazing group of people to advance bipartisan solutions to the nation’s important public policy problems, including helping Americans achieve financial well-being throughout their working careers and a financially secure retirement,” said Fichtner.

Fichtner is finishing the academic semester at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, where he is a senior lecturer and an associate director of the Master of International Economics and Finance program. Throughout his academic career, he was also an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy and the Virginia Tech Center for Public Administration and Policy.

His work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, and USA Today, as well as on broadcasts by PBS, NBC, and NPR.