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BPC's Jason Grumet: Time for an Update to Energy Policy

Washington, D.C.– The bipartisan energy bill passed out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today strengthens our economy, national security and environmental quality by responding to major changes in our nation’s energy landscape, says Bipartisan Policy Center President Jason Grumet, adding:

“This bill increases energy efficiency, ensures timely decisions on liquefied natural gas exports, accelerates technology innovation, enhances collaboration with Mexico and Canada, and promotes grid modernization.

“Since the 2005 EPACT energy bill, breakthroughs in energy production and efficiency have propelled our nation from an era of scarcity to one of abundance. This legislation is a critical first step in seizing the promise of these achievements. Its adoption will benefit our economy, security and environment.

“Moreover, this effort represents a breakthrough in the partisan stalemate that has frustrated energy legislative efforts in recent years. Consistent with the recommendations of BPC’s Commission on Political Reform, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) have lead a dynamic, substantive and inclusive committee process affording all members an opportunity to submit legislative proposals and amendments. While this bill does not tackle a number of important and divisive issues, its passage will strengthen our nation and enhance Congress’ ability to take on the tough challenges and bold opportunities that lie ahead.”

BPC’s energy experts are available for comment on the Senate’s energy bill.