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BPC's Grumet on Political Maneuvers to Disrupt Certification of the Electoral College Vote

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from BPC President Jason Grumet on attempts to delay congressional certification of the 2020 presidential election results:

“As an organization committed to working with both Republicans and Democrats, the Bipartisan Policy Center pays little attention to the political gamesmanship that often dominates the fringes of both parties. While these voices are part of the democratic process, they rarely represent the national interest or play meaningful roles in the national policy debate.

“However, the effort by some House and Senate Republicans to overturn the presidential election results must be condemned by all who believe in democracy, regardless of party or pleasure in the election outcome. There is nothing conservative, principled, or patriotic in these efforts. While it’s easy to dismiss these claims as unserious, failure to condemn them is dangerous.

“Our nation is in crisis, facing a public health emergency that worsens by the day and massive unemployment and deprivation.

“We are seriously concerned with the damage this effort will do to Congress’ ability to achieve the needed bipartisan consensus to move the country forward in the face of these twin crises.

“Members of Congress who seek to advance their own political interests at such clear cost to the national interest are violating their oaths of office.”