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Episode 37: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast March 13, 2019

This week we break down CBP’s latest apprehension numbers at the border, conditions in immigration custody, and what’s going on in immigration on the Hill.

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Episode 2: Agreeing to Disagree: Dr. Laura Brown

Governance / Podcast March 8, 2019

A discussion focusing on trends related to the quality of public discourse and how we can restore the ability to agree to disagree. 

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Episode 1: Agreeing to Disagree – Former Governor David Heineman

Podcast / Podcast March 8, 2019

Former Nebraska Governor David Heineman joins Michele Nellenbach to discuss how he worked with the Nebraska unicameral legislature.

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#30 How Evidence Informs Policy

Evidence / Podcast March 1, 2019

Evidence isn’t just for court rooms anymore, it’s becoming an essential part of good policymaking. BPC’s Nick Hart joins Jordan to explain how bigger and better data can help lawmakers make better laws.

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Episode 36: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast February 26, 2019

This week we cover President Trump’s national emergency declaration, the border wall, and responses to the administration’s border security and asylum policies.

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Episode 11: The Infrastructure Debate – Infrastructure and Congress

Infrastructure / Podcast February 26, 2019

Reps. Bill Shuster (R-PA) and Joe Crowley(D-NY) join Jake Varn to discuss Congress’ role in a broad infrastructure package and the looming insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

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#29 A Border Deal

Immigration / Podcast February 15, 2019

The border security deal is here. What’s in the deal and what will happen with the rest of immigration policy?

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Episode 35: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast February 12, 2019

Immigration in the State of the Union, the potential migratory impacts of the presidential election in El Salvador, and the case of Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage.

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Episode 34: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast January 29, 2019

The history of humanitarian crises at our borders, the new migrant caravan and update on the previous one, and what we predict from the State of the Union on immigration.

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#28 An Innovative Energy Future

Energy / Podcast January 25, 2019

The solution to climate change likely requires not just commitment but advances in next generation energy technology. But there’s another important angle to this story: who’s investing in all these new technologies, and is America keeping up with the competition?

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