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Episode 33: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast January 15, 2019

This week Jordan and his guests discuss the partial government shutdown over the border wall dispute: how it happened, what it means, and how it may get resolved.

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Possibilities for Budget Process Reform in the New Congress

Economy / Podcast January 11, 2019

Michael Veselik of the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution and Sandy Davis discuss recent work on budget process reform and possibilities for the new Congress.

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#27 New Rules for the House

Governance / Podcast January 11, 2019

It’s a new year with a newly sworn in Congress and the House has some new rules. There’s also a recently formed Select Committee on the Organization of Congress that will take a look at how Congress organizes itself.

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Episode 9: The Infrastructure Debate – Schools

Infrastructure / Podcast December 21, 2018

Finding additional funding for school facilities is inherently challenging. Should the federal government include schools as a part of a broader infrastructure initiative?

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Episode 32: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast December 18, 2018

Special episode featuring a conversation between Theresa Brown and Alan Bersin, former DHS official, CBP Commissioner, and US-Mexico and border expert.

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#26: Remembering George H.W. Bush

Governance / Podcast December 7, 2018

Beyond saying goodbye to a President George H.W. Bush, there is a sense that we are bidding farewell to a bygone political era that was marked by partnership instead of partisanship.

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Episode 31: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast December 4, 2018

This week we cover the clash at the U.S.-Mexico border over Thanksgiving weekend, the rumored “Remain in Mexico” deal, and the potential government shutdown.

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Episode 8: The Infrastructure Debate – The Wildfires in California

Infrastructure / Podcast November 20, 2018

Right now half a dozen wildfires are burning throughout California with devastating impacts. How are local officials responding to these natural disasters?

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Episode 30: This Week in Immigration

Immigration / Podcast November 20, 2018

Midterm election results, the outlook of divided government, news updates, and the recent ouster of Jeff Sessions and rumored departures of Kirstjen Nielsen and John Kelly.

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#25 Post-Election Recap

Governance / Podcast November 9, 2018

BPC President Jason Grumet shares how the results of the midterm elections will affect the policy agenda in 2019 and beyond, and how BPC fits into a new political dynamic.

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