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Ep. 163: A (Failed) Bipartisan Border Deal and Barriers to Immigrant Tax Credit Access

This Week in Immigration: Episode 163

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In this week’s episode, BPC Senior Advisor Theresa Cardinal Brown talks us through the recent failed bipartisan border deal. Then, Theresa and Senior Policy Analyst Jack Malde chat to Policy Analyst Arianna Fano about a new BPC report examining the barriers immigrant families face in the take-up of tax credits. The Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) are crucial anti-poverty tools but many individuals in need—including a disproportionate share of eligible immigrants—do not claim these credits for a variety of reasons. We also chat to BPC Associate Director Emerson Sprick who tells us about a recent bipartisan tax bill that includes an expansion of the Child Tax Credit. 

Bipartisan Policy Center report: Pathways to Prosperity 

Bipartisan Policy Center blog: Barriers to Tax Credit Education and Take-Up Among Immigrant Communities