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Nicholas Danforth


Headshot of Nicholas Danforth

Nicholas Danforth is a fellow with BPC’s national security program. Prior to joining BPC in January 2016, he worked on Middle East policy issues for Concepts and Strategies and the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy.

Danforth received his M.A. from the School of Oriental and African Studies and his B.A. from Yale. He completed his Ph.D. in history at Georgetown University in 2015 and has written widely about Turkey, U.S. foreign policy, and the Middle East for publications including The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, and Foreign Affairs.

@canokar @stevenacook @emeyersson In retrospect a lot of my analysis from the 2008-2015 period proved falsely optimistic because I assumed Turkish voters would break with the AKP as it became more nakedly authoritarian. I put a similarly naive faith in American voters over the last 4 years as well.