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Letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Enacting Bipartisan Cybersecurity Legislation

“We write on behalf of all members of the 9/11 Commission to urge the Senate to enact bipartisan cybersecurity legislation before the end of the 113th Congress. With our adversaries’ cyber-capabilities growing stronger each day, the time to act is now.

“Earlier this year, the former members of the 9/11 Commission reconvened to reassess the state of our national security a decade after we issued The 9/11 Commission Report. We also issued several recommendations for further reform. Most of the new report’s observations focused on counterterrorism, the central focus of the 9/11 Commission. But in speaking with many of our country’s most experienced national-security leaders, we were struck that every one of them expressed concern about another issue: the relentless cyberattacks against our most sensitive public and private electronic networks.”

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