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Have I Saved Enough?

Have I saved enough money for retirement?

  • You can use AARP’s Retirement Calculator and a Financial Checklist to help review your finances and determine your options.
  • The average cost for a home health aide is $45,800 per year.
  • The average cost for community-based adult day-care centers is $16,900 per year.
  • The average cost to live in a nursing facility is $87,600 per year.

Am I aware of the rental assistance programs and housing options that are available to me?

Can I Age at Home?

Will my home be accessible as I age?

  • Does my home have steps at the front door?
  • Are there steps to get to the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom?
  • Does my home have easy to reach light switches?
  • Does my home have grab bars in the bathroom or living room?
  • Is my home free of any tripping hazards?

Do I Know My Health Care Options?

Am I aware of the health and aging services my community offers?

Am I aware of the health care services in my community?

  • Making homes and communities age-friendly
  • Integrating health care and supportive services with housing
  • Expanding affordable housing options for seniors
  • Promoting widespread adoption of health technologies to support successful aging