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Next President Should Heed Social Security Trustees’ Warning

Ben Ritz / Blog June 23, 2016

If the next president serves two terms without addressing Social Security, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund would be exhausted by the time he or she leaves office.

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Social Security Trustees’ Report Illustrates Challenges Ahead

Economy / Press Release June 22, 2016

The Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, which provides benefits to 49 million beneficiaries, will be unable to pay benefits as scheduled by 2035.

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CBO Highlights Challenges Facing Social Security Disability Insurance

Ben Ritz / Blog June 17, 2016

Policymakers must address the problems facing Disability Insurance in a responsible manner that accounts for the challenges facing Social Security as a whole.

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Budget Agreement Includes Several BPC Recommendations on Disability Insurance

Ben Ritz / Blog October 28, 2015

The trust fund is projected to be exhausted by the end of 2016, at which point program revenues would be insufficient to finance all scheduled benefits.

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Budget Agreement: Good Day for Bipartisanship

Economy / Press Release October 27, 2015

The president and the bipartisan congressional leadership are to be congratulated for their tentative agreement on the federal budget.

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Replacing Cash Cliff with Gradual Offset Would Improve DI Work Incentives

Ben Ritz, Brian Collins / Blog September 21, 2015

One of the recommendations of BPC’s Disability Insurance Working Group tries to address what many consider to be a problematic work disincentive in the program.

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Congress Veers Closer to Social Security Cliff

Economy / News September 7, 2015

Bipartisan support exists to prevent benefit cut for 9 million workers, but Paul Ryan move may drive Democrats away.

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Improve the SSDI Program and Address the Impending Trust Fund Depletion

Economy / Research August 25, 2015

The trust fund is on course for insolvency next year. This deadline is a focus of policymakers and a source of concern for beneficiaries and their families.

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Social Security at 80: Celebrating the Past and Securing the Future

Ben Ritz, Shai Akabas / Blog August 14, 2015

Social Security is the bedrock of retirement security for most Americans. But to maintain that position, it needs to be modernized and put on more secure footing.

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The Future of the Social Security Disability Insurance Program

Economy / News July 29, 2015

Social security disability insurance currently pays monthly benefits to 11 million Americans.

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