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Bipartisan Bill Would Move Millions Closer to Retirement Security

Economy / Press Release March 15, 2018

The bipartisan Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA) introduced in the House of Representatives marks an important step toward helping millions of Americans achieve retirement security.

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Ways to Expand Savings Options for Employees

Shai Akabas / Blog December 8, 2016

The unanimous support from the Senate Finance Committee for the RESA gives hope that policymakers can take meaningful action to improve retirement security.

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RESA Tax Provisions Aim to Improve Retirement Security

Shai Akabas / Blog December 6, 2016

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act would modify some of the existing retirement tax incentives in ways that would improve access to retirement savings.

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RESA Addresses Leakage from Retirement Savings Accounts

Shai Akabas / Blog November 28, 2016

Financial insecurity can cause many hard-working savers to prematurely withdraw funds from their retirement accounts for unexpected needs.

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House and Senate Bills Seek to Improve Retirement Security in America

Ashley Ridlon / Blog November 18, 2016

New bills would advance important goals, such as protecting retirement savings, simplifying account rules, and facilitating lifetime-income options.

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Legislation Could Reduce Risk of Retirees Outliving Savings

Ben Ritz / Blog October 27, 2016

The vast majority of 401(k) plan participants and their beneficiaries are on their own to make savings last throughout the remainder of their lives.

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New Legislation Looks to Expand Access to Retirement Plans

Shai Akabas / Blog October 4, 2016

One-third of Americans working in the private sector lack access to a retirement plan at work, a disproportionate share of which are employed by smaller businesses.

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