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Are We on the Road to Making America Great Again?

Governance / April 28, 2017 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET

Donald Trump, like his predecessors, touted lofty goals for his first 100 days. How is he doing so far?

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The 25th Amendment turns 50

John C. Fortier / Blog February 10, 2017

On this 50th anniversary of the 25th amendment, we recall that our Constitution is a document for the ages, and it has been able to survive as our fundamental document with only a few changes.

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Renewing Federal Investments in Research and Development

Ben Ritz / Blog May 25, 2016

At its all-time high in 1964, federal R&D spending amounted to almost 2 percent of GDP. Today, it’s just 0.7 percent—the lowest level in over 50 years.

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JFK’s Contribution to Election Administration Modernization

Matthew Weil / Blog November 20, 2013

Americans pause this week to remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. While that moment will always be etched in our nation’s collective memory, there is a much less well-known 50th anniversary milestone this month, one that relates to…

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Bush, Obama, and the Power of Silence

Michael Stubel / Blog September 18, 2013

A former president capable of reaching an enormous audience has set down his microphone to avoid inflaming an already scorched political terrain.

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