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Trump Administration Lags in Filling Cabinet Agency Management Positions

Governance / Press Release May 5, 2017

The Trump administration lags behind its recent predecessors in making nominations for key government management positions.

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The Government Needs a Hiring Spree

Governance / News May 5, 2017

The top management posts below the secretary level are the key to an effective and efficient government

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Tax reform: Starting place for jobs, growth

Economy / News December 9, 2016

The emotions Americans are feeling are rooted in the reality that real income is down while the cost of living is up as indexed to inflation.

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Congress Underwhelms on Legislative Process

Governance / Press Release August 15, 2016

As attention shifts to the campaign trail, Congress has not improved with respect to the number of working days and the openness of the legislative process.

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Tracking the ‘health’ of Congress

Governance / News July 21, 2015

Congress continues to show small measures of progress in how the institution is being run, according to a new report.

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Congress Continuing Toward Improved Effectiveness

Governance / Press Release July 21, 2015

Congress continues to show promising progress, especially with upticks in the number of working days in session and amendments considered in the Senate.

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Healthy Congress Index: Congress’ Mid-Year Review

Governance / Press Release July 14, 2015

Early this year, congressional leaders promised a more open and better-functioning legislative process, but is Congress actually living up to those promises?

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How’s Congress doing? There’s an index to answer that

Governance / News June 25, 2015

At a time when Americans are feeling powerless to influence change, this index provides vital information as to whether or not Congress is jettisoning gridlock.

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Congress is getting some stuff done. It’s so rare that everyone is noticing.

Governance / News April 22, 2015

There’s a lot of self congratulating going around Capitol Hill these days — members of Congress are, in not-so-insignificant ways, doing their jobs.

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It’s Not Your Imagination: Congress Really Is Working More

Governance / News April 21, 2015

Lawmakers are showing up to work more and doing more while they’re there, according to a new analysis from the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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