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As New Congress Begins, Snowe and Glickman Discuss Prospects for a Better-Functioning Legislature

Governance / Press Release January 15, 2015

Snowe and Glickman will discuss whether leaders can keep those promises, what further steps they should take to restore a functioning Congress and how to re-engage Americans in the political process.

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What We’re Reading: Immigration in the Midterm Elections, History of Executive Action on Immigration

Theresa Cardinal Brown, Matt Graham / Blog October 28, 2014

As midterm elections near, several outlets are analyzing the role of immigration in races around the country.

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Creating Bipartisan Budgets in New Hampshire and New Jersey

Michele Nellenbach / Blog November 4, 2013

The New Hampshire budget signed by Governor Maggie Hassan was praised by both Democrats and Republicans in the legislature after passing by a near unanimous vote. “Like all budgets, this plan required compromise and difficult decisions. But the overwhelming, bipartisan…

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New R&D Tax Credit in New Hampshire Rewards Innovation

Governance / Blog August 1, 2013

Too often it appears that politicians are more focused on scoring political points or tarnishing the reputation of an adversary than working across the aisle to achieve a legislative victory. New Hampshire bucked this unfortunate commonality, as the Republican-controlled state…

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