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Defense Funding Battle Only Beginning

Steve Bell / Blog August 10, 2016

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry has said that President Obama is holding “troop funding hostage to a political agenda.”

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President’s Budget Not Dead on Arrival

Steve Bell / Blog February 2, 2015

The Obama budget starts a fiscal debate that both White Houses and Congresses of the past have ignored.

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Obama: It’s Time to End Sequester

Economy / Blog January 30, 2015

In his budget, the president plans to call for a full repeal of the sequestration-level budget caps.

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Thanks to Chairman Thornberry for Speaking Sense about Sequester

Steve Bell / Blog January 15, 2015

Mac Thornberry (R-TX) raised some eyebrows with his recent statement that limiting defense spending to the Fiscal Year 2016 sequester caps increases national insecurity.

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